2000 miles check

A few weeks ago I returned home after riding 2,000 miles (3.000 kilometers) at Patagonia, to replace/upgrade some gear before getting back on the road again. I knew I'd to replace the chain, but the rear hub &  the bottom bracket are in bad shape, and...



I was really happy to be interviewed by Revista Biciclub for Argentina's 1st printed article about "bikepacking"! This country has amazing trails to ride where is essential to travel light and panniers are definitively NOT the best option. More than 95% of Argentinian cyclists still use...



I just started a CrowdFunding Campaign wit Go Fund Me as I need YOUR help with my Little Personal Project!!!  Your support (as much or as little as you can) will make a HUGE difference to a family without a printed portrait, PLEASE get involved :) https://www.gofundme.com/theironlyportrait2  ...

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