I’m not a famous artist or an elite athlete; I’m just an emerging photographer who started this Little Personal Project from scratch, no budget, no sponsors, no supporters… just an idea and the will to make it a reality!!! Unfortunately even when I invested ALL my savings and got some support from the community, I’ll still need $5000+ to fund this Project! Your donation will make a huge difference for a local family, by putting their only printed portrait on their hands!!!

I remembered the freedom I felt exploring Patagonia on a self-supported bicycle trip almost 20 years ago. How easy it was to appreciate nature and blend with the environment, to relate with local people, and to engage with life in its every form.

I’m Argentinian and I think I should visit my own backyard before heading to exotic locations (even when I dreamt about exploring Africa since I’s a child). Argentina is FAR from being a rich country and had been crumbling these last decades. It’s true some people are able to afford luxuries at Buenos Aires and other big Cities, but it’s a totally different reality for those living in small remote villages (especially at northern Argentina). Most of the less fortunates are indigenous communities descendents from those whom some of my ancesters (Spanish) took advantage from (to say the least) and lead them to their actual situation (besides 200 years of careless politicians). It’s devastating to see how education had been deteriorating and jeopardizing the future of this beautiful country and this is why I think it’s SO important to visit the most remote rural schools and to collaborate with Fundacion Ruta 40. AND I’m not only going to cycle Argentina for my Project… I’m just starting from here and I’m planning to visit a new country every year!

One day I realized the most valuable thing I got at Home (after my family which includes my stray dogs, obviously) were family albums & hard drives with photos. While traveling through South America and getting disgusted by Tourists taking photos of local people as if they’re in a Human Safari (without showing any respect to their subjects) I also found several of those local people didn’t even have 1 family portrait. As a photographer I always wanted to travel with a bigger purpose than just self-discovery” and I realized making a difference for those people (even if it’s one photo at a time) would be it!


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