You can become part of this Project by:

  • donating gear.
  • making a donation through Paypal.
  • sending product/s to be photographed/tested/reviewed during the trip/s.
  • requesting lifestyle/outdoors images for editorial & commercial use.
  • becoming a Sponsor.


I hope you’re part of this Project, because even if you can’t spare a couple of bucks, remember you can help by spreading the word to as many people as possible !!!


Rebekah Butt (Queensland, Australia),  ROGER CALLAHAN (California, USA), Rodrigo Flores (Monterrey, Mexico), Erin Lee (Auckland, New Zealand), Floral Zu (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Ryan Alford (Pennsylvania, USA), Matthew Liggett (California, USA), Tony Ceh (British Columbia, Canada), Lisa Swift (New South Wales, Australia), Griff Wigley (Minessota, USA), Phillip Kratz (Maine, USA), Roger Benischek (Los Angeles, USA), James Lent (Cambridge, USA), Bernhard Em (Wels, Austria), Allen Rowand (Oregon, USA), Granville Roberts (Somerset, UK), CHRISTINA KOPKA (New Jersey, USA), Navene Papan (British Columbia, Canada), PHILIP AERTS (Wilrijk, Belgium), Uwe-Jens Lindner (Bonn, Germany), DAVID DUCHEMIN (British Columbia, Canada), Andre Joanisse, BARBARA FUTTER, Carol Coombes, Cindy Reilley, Jan Lyall, Janet Mcqueen, Jason Law, Jessica Selig, Joe Reed, Kate Hannon, Kiersten Chace, Limit, Nicole Young, Patti Castagne, Rhonda Mcdonald, Robert J England, Robert Waybright, Rodica Grigorescu, Sandra Nykerk, Stephanie Faubert, THE GOFUNDME TEAM, Andrei Turro, Jamie Lobb, Larry Vickery, Black Sheep Shirts, Josephine Laskowski, Paulo LaBerge, Anonymous Hector, Karen Phelps, Anonymous Matthew, & Paul Rudkin.