“Tolhuin is a town in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It has 1,382 inhabitants and it is located on the eastern shore of Lake Fagnano, in the southern part of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. It is the third largest settlement on the Argentine side of Tierra del Fuego after Ushuaia and Río Grande.

Panadería La Unión is a bakery located near Tolhuin that has become famous in Argentina. Most buses going to Ushuaia stop here so their passengers can rest, have a coffee, and eat some baked goods. The walls are lined with signed photographs of celebrities, mostly Argentine, who have come here over the decades.”


What Wikipedia isn’t saying is its owner Emilio Saenz offers shelter for every adventure biker, cyclist and even backpackers arriving to Tolhuin. He provides a warm bed, a hot shower, and a lounge area with wi-fi to recover from Tierra del Fuego’s tough environment.

In my case it was the perfect spot to rest before atemping to get to Cabo San Diego (Peninsula Mitre’s tip) which was never reached by bicycle before, to meet fellow cyclists and to read messages from friends & acquaintances that stayed here before me.



Enrique Cruz cycling from GUADALAJARA to USHUAIA


Maldini cycling from PORTO ALEGRE to USHUAIA


Luz Abrate cycling from RIO CUARTO to USHUAIA


Jo & David cycling from ALASKA to USHUAIA


Mono de viaje cycling from QUITO to USHUAIA


David cycling from CALIFORNIA to USHUAIA


Cordoba, Buenos Aires, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, & Monterrey!


Photographer cycling "in developing" countries making + printing + giving away portraits for those families who had none...

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