During the last 2 years a lot of gear broke, failed, and/or was updated (I started with a full-frame DSLR, f/2.8 zoom lenses, 640ws studio strobe & travel battery). This is my current photo gear list:

(1) 14 inch octabox
(2) Gels
(3) Cables
(4) Lowepro S&F 100AW utility bag
(5) Umbrella mount
(6) 32 inch octabox
(7) Manfrotto’s lightest tripod (not good)
(8) SD memory cards
(9) Camera’s spare batteries
(10) Memory card pouch
(11) Cheap backup flash
(12) YN603 remote triggers
(13) Fujifilm X100T (camera)
(14) Canon Selphy (printer)
(15) Cokin P filter holder & circular polarizer
(16) ND filters
(17) Peak Design Cuff
(18) YN506IV flash
(19) Hyperdrive Colorspace UDMA3
(20) Gorillapod hybrid
(21) Dell Venue 8″ tablet (REALLY BAD)
(22) G-Drive 1TB 
(23) Anker Astro E7 2G

If money wasn’t an issue my list will probably include the following gear:

. Fujifilm X-Pro 2 (main camera)
. Fujifilm 23mm lens
. Fujifilm 35mm lens
. Fujifilm 56mm lens
. Fujifilm X70 (backup camera)
. Profoto B2 To-Go flash kit
. Profoto Air Remote Transceiver
. Profoto OCF Beauty Dish
. Benro GoTravel Carbon Fiber
. Gopro Hero 5
. Gopro Hero 5 Session
. Asus Zenbook
. Life power A2


Photographer cycling "in developing" countries making + printing + giving away portraits for those families who had none...

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