El Impenetrable

For my 2nd warm up trip I’ll be cycling “El Impenetrable”, a 400+ miles trip through one of Argentina’s most remote & poor areas, home to 60,000 people (mostly indigenous, Wichis & Qom) whom had been ignored by politicians for almost 200 years...



For my second warm up trip I'm planning to bikepack BR-319, a 600 miles trip (900km) through one of the best preserved areas of the Amazon jungle. This road was abandoned decades ago and was reclaimed by nature… the locals called it “caminho das Oncas” as...



I'm searching singletracks for my 1st bikepacking warming trip. In January I'll head to northern Argentina to cycle unriden trails, to put myself and the gear I'll carry, to the test. In August I'll cycle more than 5000km through the Argentinean Andes making and printing family portraits...

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