2000 miles check

A few weeks ago I returned home after riding 2,000 miles (3.000 kilometers) at Patagonia, to replace/upgrade some gear before getting back on the road again. I knew I'd to replace the chain, but the rear hub &  the bottom bracket are in bad shape, and...


Cabo Virgenes | ARGENTINA

By December 2nd (my 40th birthday) I arrived to Cabo Virgenes (Patagonia) to start my 4,000 miles trip along the Cordillera de los Andes from Ruta 40's KM zero. By chance I was able to met Rodolfo Rossi & Corre 40's team reaching Cabo Virgenes on...



Unfortunately my Studio Flash & travel pack broke during my last warm up trip through "El Impenetrable" and I'll need to get a new kit from abroad (probably the US). As I'll start this trip way later than planned, I decided it would be wiser to...

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