El Impenetrable

For my 2nd warm up trip I’ll be cycling “El Impenetrable”, a 400+ miles trip through one of Argentina’s most remote & poor areas, home to 60,000 people (mostly indigenous, Wichis & Qom) whom had been ignored by politicians for almost 200 years...


Escuela Nº53

 During my 1st warm up trip, I also visited Escuela Nº53 (Dr. Marcelino Vargas) at La Cienaga, Jujuy. This little rural school unlike others doesn't has public transport and their 8 students have to walk up to 12miles (18km) at 10000 feet (3000m) every day to...


@ Home

After a couple weeks bikepacking Northern Argentina for my first warm up trip, I'm finally home with my 7 stray dogs. Soon I'll be uploading images and new content to this website! http://www.movescount.com/moves/move59201461...

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